Thursday, 23 July 2015

Love, Rosie Movie Review

I've been dying to watch this movie for soooo long and finally came across it today. Guys, it was amazing. I need to fan-girl for a day or two or else I'm going to burst with giddiness.

Love, Rosie is about 18 years old Alex and Rosie who are best friends but obviously have feelings for each other. After a drunken kiss which Rosie forgets, the pair work hard to occupy themselves with other people, making mistakes and missing each other. The whole thing is bittersweet as you witness their journey to finding each other again.

If my synopsis hasn't forced you to rent the DVD then here are 5 reasons why you should watch what I am now calling my favourite romcom of 2015. Enjoy!

Love, Rosie trailer

1) Alex is played by the one and only Mr Sam Claflin:

Yes, you heard me right. Pick your tongue up from the floor. Sam Claflin does an awesome performance in Love, Rosie. He's British, his hair is gorgeously unruly, his smiles melt butter, and HE'S SAM CLAFLIN!!! I saw him in Hunger Games: catching Fire as Finnick Odair and he quickly became a favourite actor of mine.

2) Lily Collins as Rosie is UH-MAY-ZING:

I apologise for spelling 'amazing' wrong but I had to emphasise how brilliant my girl is. Besides the movies, Abduction and maybe Mirror Mirror (because I watched that on a plane in 2011 so need to re-watch it) Lily Collins is such a good actress. She plays her roles so naturally and perfectly that you almost start believing that they are a part of her as an actress. Also, both Alex and Rosie depict a pair of teenagers so well: they party hard, swear like crazy and make STUPID decisions. Makes me love and hate being a teenager! :D

3) It's a long, slow romance:

You know those romcoms where you see its 1:59 minutes long so technically two hours? I love those kind of romcoms, or even movies, because hopefully it indicates that they'll do justice to the plot and that we get to see more sweet moments. The time span in the movie is twelve years and Alex and Rosie's lives are played out so that it does feel like twelve years of them missing each other passes by.

4) Great lessons:

I love a movie with an inspiring message. "There's nothing you can't do if you put your mind to it" is beating in my head which Rosie's dad said to her regarding her dream to open a hotel. Love, Rosie also showed how you can achieve your dreams even if LIFE comes in the way and wrecks the steps towards it. Rosie spends several years at home alone whilst Alex is studying in Boston but she makes the most of it and later admits appreciating what happened to her.

5) It will make you read the book:

I used to be a strict 'don't-watch-the-movie-before-the-book' person because the movies always put me off. However I recently watched The Maze Runner and it's made me excited to read the books because of the plot twist at the end. Similarly, Love, Rosie was beautifully portrayed on the screen and now all I want to do is read the book and experience Alex and Rosie's story all over again.

Thanks for reading guys. Achieve your dreams like Rosie.

***I will add a review of the book once I've read it***



    1. Haha exactly my reaction! A cast doesn't get as gorgeous as that. Thanks for reading. How are you doing with your 'slump'?