Sunday, 6 December 2015

20 Things To Do In My 20s

I've hit the dreaded digits today. I'll admit I wasn't looking forward to turning 20 just because it marked the end of my teenage-hood and the time for me to start adulting. The expectations of responsibility is a horrifying prospect and I basically don't want to grow up. But...some of my friends who have already turned 20 told me that stepping up to the big 2 and 0 is the start of a decade of big desicions, failed interviews, mistakes and adventures. We get busy trying to achieve our biggest ambition that we start forgetting the little dreams so I've decided to make a list of 20 things I want to do in my 20s.

1) Sleep under the stars.

2) Go on a long drive in the country.

3) Complete my first novel and dedicate it to those who believed in me.

4) Take my family on Umrah (minor pilgrimage to Mecca).

5) Cut my hair short and pray my mum doesn't kill me.

6) Visit Scotland, Ireland and Nottingham (Robin Hood, I'm coming!).

7) Stay at a beach overnight.

8) Read all of Shakespeare's plays ad poems.

9) Learn to ride a horse. (I'll need one if I want to live in the country later).

10) Learn to use a sewing machine so I can make my own Inayah dresses. 

11) Be stranded in the middle of nowhere and successfully get myself home. 

12) Meet my Instagram friends in person! 

13) Live in a suburban house. 

14) Go on a hike in the countryside before dawn and watch the sun rise.

15) Watch an oriental film without subtitles.

16) Hand in an essay 24 hours before the deadline (God please! I already know I'm going to procrastinate with my dissertation...).

17) Learn how to jump start a car (just because). 

18) Enrol on an Arabic course to understand the Qur'an better.

19) Go on a hot air balloon ride.

20) Check off this list and come up with 30 things to do in my 30s.

I hope you enjoyed reading my list of dreams at 20. What top 5 things do you want to accomplish in the next 10 years? 

Until next time.


  1. This is such a lovely idea! Start with the easiest - I take it 'cutting your hair short' will be one of the most difficult ones?! haha. I look forward to seeing your novel on the shelves!! Hey, you want to visit Nottingham?! give me a shout if you ever do!! :-D x

    1. Thanks for commenting you precious soul! And oh my gosh, do u live in the area? Can't wait. Insha'Allah one day. You've just given me a special boost.

  2. 'Take my family on Umrah' I love that :) learn arabic! Yes you should it's not hard once you get into it! Inayah dresses are so pretty (and expensive)

  3. Aww thank you! Everyone says it's hard but I want to try! I take it you can speak Arabic??