Sunday, 17 January 2016

Life of a Fangirl

You're watching a tv show or a movie. You've heard its really good, you've been recommended to watch it or you've finally succumbed to Netflix and Amazon Prime. You like the concept, the characters, the pace... then you're hooked. You can't get enough of this show.

Welcome to the Life of a Fangirl:

 A female fan, especially one who is obsessive about comics, movies, music, or science fiction
(of a female fan) Behave in an obsessive or overexcited way

1) First things first, binge watch every episode and re-watch every favourite scene on YouTube.

2) Sleuthing time! Search up your favourite characters and find their respective actors or actresses. Google and Wikipedia will become your best friend.

3) Follow them on all their social medias so you'll know what they're acting in next. Certify them as your official baes.

4) Proceed onto watching everything your baes have acted in.

5) Stumble across fandom edits and laugh and cry about them for hours.

6) Showcase your love for your fandom on your social media and squeal at your screen every time someone admits they love it too.

7) If step 6 fails, beg your friends and family to watch it with shameless salesmen tactics and promises of being their slave for the rest of your life.

8) When step 7 is a success, share tumblr edits for hours. You're doing it right if your photo gallery has more of these than personal selfies.

9) Declare a national holiday when panning to re-watch your favourite movies or tv shows. All day pyjamas, salt-and-sweet popcorn and chocolate are required.

10) Plan to watch the new movie or episode in the fandom months ahead or stake out your camp on the day of the premiere. Yes, on the day... even in winter.

*** Which of these things have you done? It's okay to admit it. We can fangirl together! *** 

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